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Namu Baru Inc.
Lovely & Unusual Mala Prayer Beads.

Namu Baru Inc. was founded by owner Chris Overholt while living & working in Nepal and Korea and travelling in India in 1996 to 1998. He was drawn to Nepali & Indian Malas and traditional arts and the beautiful Korean Cedar Malas, ceramics, incense and other items. Over the years we have carried many different arts and crafts, however our Mala Beads have always been a popular item. Chris found on his trips to Asia that there were many more Malas available than seen in the US, so we decided to change our focus to Mala Beads.

Our vision is to have the largest selection of Malas available in one place and definitely the largest selection of unusual Mala Beads. We carry not only common Malas, but many unique and hard to find Malas & Wrist Malas, such as Dragon Blood Wood, Purpleheart Wood, Yew Wood, Gold Sheen Obsidian and the largest selection of fragrant wood such as Cedar, Cypress and Verawood. We also carry a wider range of styles, stretchy 108 Malas, Knotted 108 Malas and varying sizes such as 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 15mm and even up to 25mm beads. . We currently have about 50 different Wrist & 108 Malas that no other supplier carries. We have also been told that our quality is really nice.


"The quality is great and our clients are really liking them." - Chandra @ Ocean Yoga in Pacifica, CA

"They have a lovely resilient energy & I love that they come with the info cards explaining what they mean." - Dominique @ Howl Awareness Center in PA

"I love this stuff. The quality is better than expected and I'm please with everything. I'll definitely be coming back." - Kevin @ The Mindshop in Pacific Grove, CA

"I'm really pleased with your products. They all sell really well. I know I'm guaranteed something that's going to be good quality and aesthetically pleasing." - Nick @ Banyen Books in Vancouver, Canada

"I'm very, very impressed with your Malas. They are well made, customers just love them and are buying two or three at a time." - Shelley @ Crystals, Candles and Cauldrons in Baltimore, MD

"Our customers love your products. We've done very well with them." - Irene @ Taproot Bookstore in Worcester, MA

"We've been selling them for 10 to 20 years. We love your products, especially that many have a fragrance and we've never had any sent back because they broke." - Amy @ Fantasia Crystals in Phoenix, AZ

"I am extremely pleased with the quality." - Toni @ Ritual Arts in Allston, MA

"They are wonderful gifts for people who are going through something. It lifts their spirits and is a meaningful gift." - Cary @ Rare Bird Gifts in Evansville, IN

"The energy of your Mala Beads is amazing - it's almost overwhelming, but in a good way." - Vicky @ Panpipes Magickal Marketplace in Hollywood, CA

"People are very excited when they see them. They realize that they are nicely made." - Connie @ The Purple Door Soul Source in Rochester, NY

"You have a very good product - it's the real deal. Your customer service is very kind and wonderful as well."
- Jay @ Choices Gift in New York, NY