About Us

Namu Baru Inc. was founded by owner Chris Overholt while living, working and travelling in India, Nepal, Singapore, Japan and South Korea in the mid to late 1990s.

He was drawn to Nepali & Indian Malas and traditional arts and the beautiful Korean Cedar Prayer Beads and Malas, ceramics, incense and other items.

Over the years we have carried many different arts and crafts, however our Gemstone Bracelets, Wood Bracelets, Gemstone & Wood 108 Bead Malas and now Gemstone Rosaries have always been very popular.

Chris found on his trips to Asia that there were many more Prayer Beads available than seen in the US, so we decided to focus solely on Prayer Beads & Malas.

Our vision is to have the largest selection of Gemstone and Wood Beaded Bracelets and Malas available in one place and the largest selection of unique Prayer Beads. We carry not only common Gemstone and Wood Prayer Beads, but many unique and hard to find one such as Rainbow Jade, Dragon Blood Wood, Purpleheart Wood, Yew Wood, and the largest selection of fragrant woods such as Cedar, Cypress, Tiger Aloeswood and more.

We also carry a wide range of styles including Beaded Bracelets, Non-Stretchy 108 Malas, Knotted 108 Malas, Stretchy 108 Malas, Hand Malas, Wrist Malas and more. We carry varying sizes such as 6mm, 8mm, 10m and 12mm.

We currently have over 100 different Gemstone & Wood Beaded Bracelets & 108 Malas that no other supplier carries. Dozen of stores have told us that our quality is higher than most other suppliers in the marketplace.