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Dragon Blood Wood, Purpleheart & Cypress Wood Bracelet 8mm (4 Pack)

Dragon Blood Wood, Purpleheart & Cypress Wood Bracelet 8mm (4 Pack)

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Dragon Blood Wood, Purpleheart Wood & Cypress Wood Beaded Bracelet - Wrist Mala - 8mm.

Qualities or Properties of Dragon Blood Wood:

Will turn translucent red when held up to a light.
Used as protection from negative energies.
Thought to instill confidence and courage.
Attracts business, fortune, and happiness.

Qualities or Properties of Purpleheart Wood:

A deeply spiritual wood.
Enhances creative energy and knowledge.
Supports spiritual healing and health.
Eradicating the negative energies that create strife in the home.

Qualities or Properties of Cypress Wood:

Symbolizes strength and adaptability.
Used for healing and longevity
Provides comfort & protection.
Represents life and connects us to the afterlife as well.
One of the most spiritually significant woods cherished by almost every major spiritual tradition over the past several thousand years.

Comes in a Pack of 4.

Bead Size: 8mm w/ 10mm Guru Bead.

Length: 6.75 - 7.25 inches on inside diameter for Average Wrists.
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