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Rainbow Jade Beaded Bracelet - Wrist Mala - 8mm (2 Pack)

Rainbow Jade Beaded Bracelet - Wrist Mala - 8mm (2 Pack)

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Rainbow Jade (Nephrite) Stretchy Beaded Bracelet - Wrist Mala - Prayer Beads - 8mm.

Qualities or Properties of Rainbow Jade:

Jade is a stone of wealth & wisdom.
Made up of many Nephrite Jade colors: yellow, orange, peach, white, brown, grey, etc.
Yellow brings joy.
Brown grounding.
Orange connection to life.
White focus & clarity.
Peach-Pink spiritual & emotional support.

Nephrite Jade is one of the classic Jades that have been treasured in China for thousands of years and is found throughout the world.

Comes in a Case Pack of 2.

Bead Size: 8mm with 10mm Guru Bead.

Bracelet Length: 6.75 to 7.25 inches in the inside circumference. Fits average wrists.
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