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Sustainable Indian Sandalwood Zen 108 Bead Mala - 8mm (1 Pack)

Sustainable Indian Sandalwood Zen 108 Bead Mala - 8mm (1 Pack)

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Sustainably Grown Indian Sandalwood Zen 108 Bead Mala - Prayer Beads - Farm Grown in Australia - 8mm.

Qualities or Properties of Sandalwood:

Sacred to many religions including Buddhism, Hinduism and Islam.
In Buddhism it is considered to be of the padma (lotus) group and attributed to Amitabha Buddha. Transforms one's desires.
Maintains a person's alertness while in meditation.

Why buy Indian Sandalwood from Australia?

~ Sustainably grown on farms in Northern Australia.
~ Indian Sandalwood trees are endangered in India, and according to Bloomberg News most of the Sandalwood coming out of India is now poached.
~ Due to gangs and corruption in India, it is difficult to know if the wood you are purchasing is from legit sources.
~ By not purchasing Indian Sandalwood, you help to send India a message to clean up its act and encourage more private plantations or start building large government plantations.

Comes in a Case Pack of 1.

Bead Size: 8mm.
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